Health Services

Industrial Hygiene


Provide support to the Warfighter, conserve resources, enhance readiness, and preserve health by anticipating, recognizing, evaluating, and controlling health hazards where military and civilian personnel work and serve.

Scope of Practice

  • Ensure regulatory compliance with applicable Federal, state, and local laws and DA regulations pertaining to occupational health.
  • Accurately identify, characterize, and assess potential workplace health hazards.
  • Recommend appropriate engineering and administrative controls and/or personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent occupational related illnesses, injuries, or deaths to Soldiers and civilian workers.
  • Recommend personnel for exposure-based medical surveillance.
  • Integrate established IH principles, concepts, and functions in support of related programs, such as safety, DA PAM 40-503, occupational medicine, biosurety, chemical surety, hearing, vision conservation and readiness, respiratory protection, indoor air quality, asbestos control, lead abatement, and environmental compliance.

Programs and Services

  • Provide support to occupational health medical surveillance programs.
  • Provide support to public health/environmental compliance programs.
  • Serve as consultants on selection of respiratory protection.
  • Determine overall risk assessment for potential and residual exposure to health hazards.
  • Assist installation assets with evaluations of engineering controls.
  • Provide additional review on industrial chemical products requests for use on Fort Cavazos.

Request Consultation Services

  • Indoor Air Quality Surveys
  • Fort Cavazos Indoor Hot Work Permit Assessments

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