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Armed Forces Wellness Center


Armed Forces Wellness Centers seek to empower healthy behavior change through standardized evidenced-based health education, health coaching, and advanced testing technology.

Population Served

Service Members, Family Members, Retirees, Department of Defense Civilians

Scope of Practice

  • Provides health assessments, exercise prescription, nutrition counseling, weight management, stress management, and anthropometric testing for active-duty soldiers, spouses, retirees, family members, and DoD civilians.
  • Applies the transtheoretical model of behavior change, self-efficacy, social cognitive theory, motivational interviewing techniques and relapse prevention.
  • Creates unique programs to support clients’ health-related goals, increase quality of life, and implement sustainable healthy habits to improve health outcomes.
  • Supporting performance optimization through unit assessment testing in non-H2F units to achieve healthy body fat percentages, improve physical fitness test scores, and educate proper dietary habits.
  • Utilizes advanced technology to accurately determine clients VO2 max, resting metabolic rate, risk of musculoskeletal injury, percent of body fat, and stress levels.
  • Supports Soldiers enrolled in Army Body Composition Program through unique exercise and nutrition programs.
  • Supports the supplementary body fat percentage testing guidelines stated in AR600-9 for soldiers in the Army Body Composition program.
  • Provides service and capability brief to requesting units throughout the installation.

Programs and Services Offered

  • Health assessment review - An analysis of a person's health status, risk for disease, and ability to increase physical activity safely.
  •  Physical fitness - Using state-of-the-art equipment, physical fitness level is assessed and used to create an individualized exercise prescription.
  • Healthy nutrition – Test resting metabolic rate to provide tailored strategies for weight loss, gain or maintenance.
  • Stress management - Education in biofeedback, stress relief techniques, and positive coping skills.
  • General wellness education - Classes on topics such as healthy lifestyles, good sleep habits, increased resiliency, preventing chronic disease through healthy living habits, and self-care.
  • Tobacco education - An assessment of an individual's readiness to change with a discussion of possible options for becoming tobacco-free.
Please contact AFWC for appointment preparation requirements.

Make an Appointment

  • Referral by a healthcare provider (required for dependents under the age of 18)
  • Referral by your unit
  • Self-referral – call or come in to schedule an appointment and gather any special instructions.

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7 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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657 Wratten Drive
Building 36031
Fort Cavazos, Texas 76544

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