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Our goal is to build a stronger community together through exceptional health care. You can make an appointment by calling Patient Appointing Services at 254-288-8888, or online at We offer virtual and traditional face-to-face appointments. Any issues with your clinic should be brought to the attention of the clinical nurse officer in charge.

Acuity-based Pilot Program FAQ

What change is coming to the Killeen and Harker Heights Medical Homes?
The Defense Health Agency has initiated a pilot program to test the concept that primary care delivery can be tailored according to your specific medical needs, rather than “one size fits all”.  While your clinic may be altered, we will continue providing you with high quality care focused on meeting your needs.
What does acuity-based mean?
It simply means that you will be assigned or reassigned to either the Harker Heights or Killeen Medical Home based on your individual medical needs.
To which clinic will I be assigned?
Patients who don’t have chronic medical conditions and who require less frequent and more same-day acute appointments for minor illness or injury will be assigned to the Harker Heights Medical Home, while those higher acuity patients with chronic medical conditions requiring more frequent appointments will be assigned to the Killeen Medical Home. Both clinics are less than 10 minutes away from each other, a little over 3 miles. 
When will this change happen?
The process of notifying patients and updating their enrollment has already begun.
Will you separate my family?
The intent is to keep families together as much as possible. But if the grading criteria is significantly different among family members, patients may have to be enrolled to different clinics. In such instances, patients are encouraged to contact the leadership at their current home clinic to request reconsideration of their situation, especially if they desire to stay with the same medical home.

What can I do to prepare?
Updating your DEERS contact information for you and your family will assist us in notifying you of any enrollment changes or updates.  Please ensure you have your phone numbers updated as well.  You can make updates at the DMDC ID Card Office online at
Will I be moved?
If based on your utilization of services you are not in the correct clinic, you will be moved to the appropriate clinic that can provide you the highest quality care. 
How will I know to which clinic I am assigned?
If you are moved, HUMANA will send a notification letter to your DEERS address.  You can check the status of your primary care manager, or PCM, anytime on the HUMANA Self-Service Beneficiary Portal at  When you book your next appointment, the booking clerk will also inform you of your PCM and clinic. 
The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal still lists my previous PCM, how do I get this fixed?  Which provider do I message?
The MHS GENESIS Patient Portal typically will not update your PCM until after your first visit once the PCM change has occurred.  If you’re not sure who your PCM is, message your previous PCM. The care teams at both the Harker Heights and Killeen Medical Homes will get your message to the right place and will update your registration information.

How will I schedule an appointment with my new PCM?
You can schedule an appointment with your new PCM by contacting Patient Appointment Services, or PAS at (254) 288-8888 or through the MHS Genesis Patient Portal at
What if I am not satisfied with my new provider or clinic?
If you are dissatisfied with the care you receive, you can address it through the clinic leadership directly, or by submitting an ICE comment.
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Will nurse walk-ins still be available?
Nurse walk-ins will still be available at your assigned clinic Monday through Friday from 8-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m. except on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month when the medical homes will be closed for training.
Will the clinic hours stay the same?
Clinic hours at both facilities will remain the same.
Will you still have pharmacy and lab?
Both medical homes will continue to provide their enrolled beneficiaries with pharmacy and laboratory services.  

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