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Inpatient Services 

The CRDAMC inpatient dietitians provide comprehensive medical nutrition therapy services, delivering therapeutic nutrition counseling and care. All patients are screened for nutrition assessment and are prioritized for medical nutrition therapy intervention based on consult or screening. All dietitians in the Nutrition Care Division are registered with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and hold state licensure. Many dietitians on staff have certifications in specialty areas such as nutrition support, weight management, sports nutrition, pediatrics, and diabetes.

Outpatient Services

Our dietitians can help you develop personalized goals to manage your weight, eat healthy and reduce your risk for chronic diseases.
If you have any of these concerns, please make an appointment with Outpatient Nutrition Clinic.

Educational Classes and Workshops

Active Duty Weight Management – Fit For Performance: A nutrition and weight management class designed to provide participants with basic information regarding nutrition, stress management, exercise, and behavior modification techniques to lower and maintain body weight and percent body fat. Attendance is open to Active Duty service members exceeding body composition assessment standards, who have concerns that they may exceed body composition standards, or who are looking to lose body weight/fat. Orientation classes are offered Tuesdays at 1300 and Fridays at 0945. Please sign up online on Tricare Online (weight management class) or call patient appointment system at 254-288-8888.

Soldier Meal Planning: Creating menus that work for your lifestyle and tracking intake using technology.

Readiness Nutrition: Improve mental and physical performance on the ACFT, in the field, in competitive athletics, or for general fitness with evidence-based nutrition strategies.

SPARTA: Nutrition and lifestyle behaviors to improve readiness and prevent acute musculoskeletal re-injury. Option for all soldiers going through the SPARTA program.

Nourishing New Habits: An adult lifestyle and behavioral modification series open to family members and retirees. Part 1: Gear up with science-based tools for weight management focusing on habits, intuitive eating and dietary guidelines. Part 2: Strategies to work past the road blocks to a healthier lifestyle. Practical applications for real eaters. Monthly support groups to help discuss new ideas and stay motivated. Support groups will open after pandemic restrictions allow a full room of people.

Bariatric Surgery & Nutrition Therapy: Registered Dietitians with extra experience and training in bariatric surgery are available in the Nutrition Clinic for Bariatric Surgery patients (pre-op and post-op). Please call 254-553-4463 to schedule a visit with the Bariatric RD. The RD provides nutrition therapy via:
Individual patient visits
Support groups for combined pre- and post-operative patients held twice a month
Post-operative support groups (Loser’s Bench) held twice a month
*Note support groups have been on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic

Diabetes: A one-time skills workshop to learn strategies for blood sugar control using carbohydrate controlled diet, the healthy plate method and managing symptoms. Classes are offered twice a months.

Prediabetes: Learn what the studies say to prevent or delay diabetes. Groups offered once a month.

Gestational Diabetes: Classes are offered weekly and will help teach pregnant mothers how to test their blood sugar, manage their blood sugar through food and activity, and provide individual nutrition prescriptions for carbohydrates. Please call the clinic for the next-available class. Individual follow-up visits will be offered after the skills class.
*Group classes have been on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individual phone calls, video conferencing or face to face appointments will be scheduled.
Heart Healthy Nutrition: Lifestyle changes for improving cholesterol and blood pressure. Groups offered twice a month

Additional  Nutrition Information

My Plate:
General Nutrition:
Human Performance:
Operation Supplement Safety

Patient Meal Delivery

The goal of every meal served in CRDAMC is to enhance patients’ recovery, promote optimal nutrition status, and encourage consumption of nutritious foods. All meals are made fresh and served after careful preparation from our staff. Meals are delivered in heated and cooled delivery carts, ensuring temperature holding throughout the process of delivery to each room. Patients are offered a wide variety of choices from a rotating menu based on their specific diet ordered by his or her physician. NCD Diet Technicians ready to assist patients during meal service hours to ensure patients get an option that they will enjoy and will aid in their recovery.

Patient Room Service We offer personalized service and made-to-order meals within 45 minutes of placing an order on the Mother Baby and Labor and Delivery units. Patients can request meals or snacks by phone during the following meal times: Breakfast (0630-0915), Lunch (1100-1300), and Dinner (1600-1715). A Diet Technician is always available to take an order over the phone in the call-center. Patients may also order meals in advance to coordinate around scheduled treatments or appointments. Patients may wish to have guests dine with them during a visit. Guests may order from the Room Service menu and pay for meals in the main dining room.

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