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Outpatient Mental/Behavioral Health Clinic 5


Mental/Behavioral Health Clinics provide multidisciplinary mental/behavioral health care to Soldiers, and coordinates with unit leaders to maximize diagnostic accuracy, remove barriers to care, and improve treatment outcomes. The clinic delivers on the promise of safe and effective medical care through evidence-based treatments for Soldiers and expert consultation for combat leaders, spearheading the Army's effort to increase resilience and reduce morbidity from psychiatric disease.


  • Command consultation
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Medication referrals and psychiatric consultation
  • Nurse case management
  • Administrative exams including Command Directed Mental Health Evaluations IAW Directive 6490.04

Units Assigned

III Armored Corps
7TH Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
258 Judge Advocate Detachment Senior Trial Defense Team
269TH Judge Advocate General Detachment
0282 Judge Advocate TM Senior Special Detachment
0285 Judge Advocate TM Field Special V Detachment
13TH Adjutant General Center
Trial Defense Counsel
89TH Military Police Brigade
HHC, 89TH Military Police Brigade
HHD, 720TH Military Police Battalion
64TH Military Police Company
178TH Military Police Detachment
401ST Military Police Company
410TH Military Police Company
411TH Military Police Company
226TH Military Police Detachment
48TH Chemical Brigade
HHD, 48TH Chemical Brigade
68TH Chemical Company
181ST Chemical Company
HHC, 2D Chemical Battalion
704TH Ordnance Company
752D Ordnance Company
797TH Ordnance Company
69TH Air Defense Artillery Brigade
69TH Air Defense Artillery Brigade AUG
4TH Battalion, 5TH Air Defense Artillery Regiment
1ST Battalion, 62D Air Defense Artillery Regiment
1ST Battalion, 44TH Air Defense Artillery Regiment
Battery B, 62D Air Defense Artillery Regiment
Battery E, 62D Air Defense Artillery Regiment
13TH Sustainment Command Expeditionary
HHC, 13TH Sustainment Command
HQ, 61ST Quartermaster Battalion
297TH Transportation Company
418TH Transportation Company
553D Quartermaster Company
259TH Transportation Detachment
1ST Quartermaster Team
571ST Transportation Detachment
HHD, 49TH Transportation Battalion
151ST Transportation Detachment
80TH Transportation Detachment
96TH Transportation Company
664TH Ordnance Company
53D Quartermaster Company
11TH Signal Brigade
HHC, 11TH Signal Brigade
57TH Signal Battalion
40TH Signal Battalion HHD AUG ESB
62D Signal Battalion
504TH Military Intelligence Brigade
HHC, 504TH Military Intelligence Brigade
303D Military Intelligence Battalion
163D Military Intelligence Battalion
1ST Medical Brigade
HHC, 1ST Medical Brigade
1ST Medical Brigade AUG
0014 MD CSH PRO 5
MMC-Central (Fort Cavazos)
9TH Medical HHD Hospital
36TH Medical Detachment
581ST Medical Company
582D Medical Company
566TH Medical Company
0115 MD Field Hospital PRO 6
11TH Field Hospital
21ST Combat Support Hospital
546TH Medical Company
126TH Medical Detachment
0129 Medical Hospital AUG PRO
224TH Medical Detachment
HHD, 61ST Medical Battalion
502D Medical Company
85TH Medical Detachment
43D Medical Detachment
499TH Medical Detachment
756TH Medical Hospital AUG
555TH Medical Detachment
176TH Medical Detachment
214TH Medical Detachment
198TH Medical Hospital AUG
151ST Medical Detachment
36TH Engineer Brigade
HHC, 36TH Engineer Brigade
104TH Engineer Company
87TH Engineer Company
81ST Engineer Detachment
59TH Engineer Company
20TH Engineer Battalion
937TH Engineer Company
74TH Engineer Company
68TH Engineer Company
510TH Engineer Company
557TH Engineer Detachment
0043 Engineer Multirole BR
62D Engineer Battalion

For mental/behavioral health emergencies after normal business hours, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Contact Us


Monday - Friday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Walk-in Hours
Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Closed Weekends  & Federal Holidays


(254) 288-1560
(254) 288-6474

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Dial 988 and press 1
Text: 838255

Military One Source
(800) 342-9647

Psychological Health Resource Center
(866) 966-1020

In Transition Program
(800) 424-7877


402 W. 761st Tank Battalion Ave.
Bldg. 2255
Fort Cavazos, TX 76544
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