Family Medicine Residency Program (FMRP)

VISION: As the model Army Family Medicine Residency Program, we strive to be the home of choice for patients, residents, students, faculty, and staff that develops Soldier Family Physicians with the values and abil6253ities to provide outstanding patient care and excel in accomplishing the Army’s mission.
MISSION: The CRDAMC Family Medicine Residency trains Family Physicians in a supportive team environment, provides evidence-based and patient-centered care to Soldiers, Retirees, and their Families, serves the Army and medical communities, assures wellness for all members of the team, and develops the AMEDD’s future leaders.
LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: The FMRP provides a collaborative and rigorous learning environment that engages students, residents and staff in a dynamic partnership to foster the development of well-rounded Family Physicians through a safe and collegial atmosphere emphasizing evidence-based practice, selfless service, excellence, and professionalism. We assure the safety and quality of patient care provided by our residents today and our graduates in their future practice.
Goal 1: Patients. Provide outstanding patient-centered care.
Goal 2: Education. Deliver quality education anytime, anywhere.
Goal 3: Outreach. Serve the local community, provide new knowledge to the medical community, and promote our program to students.
Goal 4: Wellness. Promote and facilitate physical, psychological, and spiritual wellness, for team members.
Goal 5: Leadership. Develop leaders and mentors.
Contacts:                                             Hours:
Main: (254) 553-6253                     Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm
Alt: (254) 288-8280
Fax: (254) 286-7196
Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center
Family Medicine Residency Program
Building 36065, Santa Fe Avenue
Fort Hood, TX 76544

The Family Medicine Residency Clinic (FMRC) would like to welcome you and thank you for choosing our center for health services. We provide health care services to Soldiers, Retirees, and their family members.
The clinic is on the first floor of Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood.
When you enrolled in TRICARE Prime, you were given a Primary Care Manager (PCM) by name. The Patient Appointment Service (288-8888) will always attempt to give you an appointment with your PCM. When your PCM is unavailable, your appointments will generally be with a member of your PCM's team.


The FMRC is proud to offer full-scope primary care – providing newborn, infant, pediatric, adolescent, women’s health, adult, obstetric, and geriatric care to 7,000 patients.  Our patients range from the newest babies born at CRDAMC to World War II veterans and their spouses.  One of the many benefits of the FMRC is the practice of family medicine in which your primary care provider can care for you and your whole family.  This even extends to pregnancy care – the same physician can care for a woman before, during, and after her pregnancy, including managing her labor and delivery, caring for her and her newborn in the hospital, and as an outpatient after delivery.
In fulfilling our mission to provide patient-centered, evidence-based, and compassionate healthcare to our patients, the clinic also is proud to support the Family Medicine Residency Program's mission to train resident physicians in the specialty of family medicine. CRDAMC provides an outstanding environment to train physicians and other healthcare providers of the future. The clinic staff includes family physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, clinical psychologist, clinical pharmacologist, nurses, and medics. The teaching faculty are all board-certified family physicians, many of whom have advanced training in other areas such as sports medicine, geriatrics, obstetrics, osteopathy, and research. The resident physicians provide care under the supervision of the teaching staff. The clinic also provides learning opportunities for medical students, physical therapy interns, and physician assistant students.

Relay Health

We are pleased to offer you a new and convenient way to connect with our clinic. Using the Internet, you can now communicate with your provider and nurse online through the Relay Health messaging service.
The Relay Health service is a safe, secure, and confidential way to communicate about your non–urgent healthcare needs. It's very easy to use, and incorporates stronger security measures to ensure your privacy. By using the Relay Health service, you will be able to communicate with our clinic when it's most convenient for you. All you need is access to a computer with an Internet connection.
Interested? If so, please take a few minutes to sign up now by following the instructions below (there is no fee to register for this service):
  1. Visit and click Register.
  2. When prompted, select your provider. NOTE: To ensure security, our clinic must accept your application before your registration will be completed. Please allow 24 hours following registration for our office to process your registration.

To learn more about the Relay Health service, visit If you have any questions about Relay Health, please feel free to contact Relay Health Customer Support at 1-866-RELAYME (1-866-735-2963).