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Medical Readiness

The Soldier Medical Readiness Center, located in the Shoemaker Center, Bldg. 36000, provides periodic health assessments, military schools physicals, out-processing services and other services in support of the medical aspects of military readiness.

Please remember when coming for your physical to arrive 15 minutes early, wear the PT uniform, bring your medical records and a black ink pen. If reporting for a Chapter physical please bring the memorandum requesting the chapter and your ID card. For school physicals you will need a memo authorizing and confirming that there are no adverse actions pending for the SM undergoing the exam.

Military Service Schools

Some military service schools require the results of a Urine Drug Screen (OCS/WOCS/CHAP 2 ENLISTMENT/AMEDD PROGRAM) It is the Soldiers responsibility to provide it to the Soldier Medical Readiness Center. The Soldier should contact their Units Drug and Alcohol Control Liaison for this requirement. This test must have been performed within the previous six months from the date of the physical.

All flight physicals must be done at Russell Collier Health Clinic by appointment only at 254-553-3001.

Retention Physicals

A Department of the Army memorandum dated October 12, 2006 and signed by the Secretary of the Army, announced the replacement of the retention physical with the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA). The PHA is an integral part of the Individual Medical Readiness System and will result in an electronically recorded annual assessment of every Soldier's ability to deploy anywhere in the world. The PHA is currently offered at the Soldier Readiness Processing site.

Physical Dissemination

The Service member must pick up all physicals other than Periodic physicals. Periodic physicals are sent to the Troop Medical Clinic for placement in Soldiers medical record. Physicals for soldiers from remote locations are mailed to soldiers home address unless otherwise instructed. It is the soldiers responsibility to insure that their physical is completed. The physical cannot be completed if there are consultations, lab test results or other documentation required. Some separation physicals require an escort (E-5 and above), and a memorandum from the Commander or 1SG. Only the Commanders and 1SG can book a chapter physical by calling 254-285-6232/6266.

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