Graduate Medical Education Simulation Branch


The Simulation Branch's primary mission is to support the Graduate Medical Education (GME) residency programs in the area of medical simulation training. The branch also supports nursing, deploying and redeploying personnel, and refresher and code blue medical simulation training for teams and medical professionals.

Simulation strives to improve patient safety, practitioner efficiency and competency in the hospital, and improving the care of military personnel in harm's way. The branch's primary goal is to bring together healthcare professionals in realistic simulated environments where skills, communication, teamwork, and critical thinking are practiced and taught.

CRDAMC will ensure that our providers are "Trained, Competent, Safe, and Ready" to care for our Soldiers and their families.

Training Support

The Simulation Lab provides multi-disciplinary training support to all specialties. A few of the specialties are listed below.

  • Graduate Medical Education Residency and Fellowship Programs
  • Clinical Nurse Transition Program
  • CRNA/Anesthesia
  • Emergency Medicine PA Program
  • Mobile Obstetrics Emergency Simulation
  • Interservice Physcian Assistant Program (Phase II)
  • Other - Anyone's needs without interfering with residency training events.

The Simulation Branch is a subdivision of the Graduate Medical Education Division and is committed to promoting medical simulation as a way to ensure provider competency, reduce medical errors, improve patient safety, and reduce health care costs.

Central Simulation Committee

The Central Simulation Committee was formed in April 2007. CRDAMC is one of many Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) selected to meet this need. The U.S. Army Medical Command and the Advances in Medical Practice fund CRDAMC's Simulation Branch requirements.

The CSC Mission Statement: The CSC will strive to be a leader, both nationally and internationally, in the area of simulation training and will apply all of its efforts to ensure that our providers are "Trained, Competent, Safe, and Ready" to complete the critical mission of caring for our soldiers and their families.

What is Medical Simulation?

Simulation is a training and feedback method in which learners practice tasks and processes in lifelike circumstances using models or virtual reality, with feedback from observers, peers, actor-patients, and video cameras to improve skills.

Computer-based medical simulation provides a realistic and economical set of tools to enhance and maintain healthcare providers' skills, adding a valuable dimension to medical training similar to professional training in aviation, defense, maritime, and nuclear energy. Medical simulators allow individuals to review and practice procedures as often as required to reach proficiency without harming the patient.

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