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News | Aug. 9, 2023

MRC, W senior leader advisor visits with CRDAMC medical Soldiers

By Rodney Jackson, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Public Affairs

Fort Cavazos, Texas – U.S. Army Medical Readiness Command, West, Command Sgt. Maj.  Jennifer Francis talks with junior and senior enlisted Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center Soldiers during a visit to the hospital Aug. 4.

The senior enlisted advisor, originally a pharmacy technician, expressed the important role that the, many different, enlisted medical specialties have played in the past and how much more important it will be for the Army’s future, answered questions about the Army’s vision for the enlisted medical corps and shared advice on balancing an Army career and personal life.

“I appreciate you all being here,” said Francis. “I understand how hard it is to break away from work, training Soldiers and to planning.”

She encouraged the Soldiers get involved in schools and training, e.g., best medic competitions, air assault school, the expert field medical badge course, etc., that will not only keep them proficient in their craft, but always be ready to provide the best medical care to our sons, daughters, and retirees.

“Best practices, time management, knowing what your individual responsibilities are within your section and understanding your roles, I’m here to talk about you,” said Francis.

In her opinion, staff sergeant rank is the toughest enlisted rank and posed the question why that is.

Staff Sgt. Ramone Griffiths, practical nurse specialist, CRDAMC offered that as a staff sergeant you have to be a mentor while balancing the stress of preparing yourself to move forward and learn the managerial skills to become a senior leader.

Achieving the senior noncommissioned officer level is no small task, and the Soldiers were in agreement with Francis that those squad leaders, team leaders, and noncommissioned officers in charge should know and continue to sharpen all of the knowledge and skills that come with the rank.

“You should have a healthy nervousness about being selected to be the next first sergeant or even sergeant major,” said Francis. “It’s about putting people in the right place, so you can be productive.”

Francis encouraged the Soldiers to share the great things that the Army has to offer when the opportunity arises as well as the negative.

“As you circulate out there, know that people need this,” said Francis. “They don’t know they need it until they hear your story, so tell your story and be positive about it.”

When asked how she balances family life with work, she stressed that the time spent with the family is very important and that when Soldiers get the time to take leave and spend with them do so.

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