Graduate Student Information

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Student Programs at Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center

(CRDAMC) Please review the information below, and if you have unanswered questions, please do not

hesitate to contact the GME Onboarding and Training Specialist via email at:

Clinical Experience/Rotation Requests

1. All clinical experience/rotation requests must be sent through the GME Onboarding and Training

Specialist using the CRDAMC Clinical Experience/Rotation Request Form and sending it by email to Please do not contact the

departments directly, as it may result in over-scheduling and cancellations.
CRDAMC Clinical Experience/Rotation Request form

2. Requests are processed in the order received.

3. Service member clinical rotation requests take priority over non-service member rotation requests.

4. During the months of June through October, Medical Students intending to interview with the

emergency medicine, family medicine, and psychiatry programs will take priority over ALL other


5. Students will receive a confirmation email from the GME office once their rotation is scheduled.

Please read the confirmation email carefully and immediately submit the requested information. If

the requested information is not received by the GME office one month before the first requested

date of the rotation, it is subject to automatic cancellation.

6. HPSP Medical Students requesting a non-ADT rotation must have a Memorandum of Affiliation

(MOA) in place between CRDAMC and the student's medical school. The Student Coordinator will

provide contact information when the request is received.

7. Civilians, with no military affiliation, must initiate a background check through the CRDAMC security

office. Please contact the GME office via email for more information.

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