Graduate Medical Education Division


The Graduate Medical Education (GME) Division reports directly to the Deputy to the Commander for Quality and Safety, and it comprises two support branches supervised by the Director of Medical Education (DME); GME Administrative Branch and Simulation Branch. The DME is also the medical treatment facility's Designated Institutional Official and oversees all CRDAMC's graduate-level education programs.

CRDAMC GME residency programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.
Select the following link to learn more about our outstanding programs: CRDAMC GME Fellowship, Residency, Internship, and Student Programs.

The GME Administrative Branch is the hospital's primary source for information on all aspects of fellowship, residency, internship, student, and trainee education programs. The branch's
representatives are CRDAMC's official GME trainee status verification office and responsible for validating GME trainee clinical systems access levels. Email: for more information.

The Simulation Branch's primary mission is in support of the GME residency programs. Also, the branch provides healthcare simulations support for nurses and deploying and redeploying personnel. The branch's efforts strive to improve readiness and achieve training realism because it is measurable, enhances performance, and yields effective providers.

Graduate Medical Education Programs and Fellowships

  • Emergency Medicine Residency
  • Family Medicine Residency
  • Psychiatry Residency
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP Phase II)
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Program (CRNA Phase II)
  • Interservice Physician Assistant Program
  • Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship
  • Family Medicine Obstetrics Fellowship
  • Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship
  • Physical Therapy Internship
  • Social Work Internship
  • Army-Baylor University MHA/MBA

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